About learning Spanish

New Zealanders already know - and use - a number of Spanish words. Here are a few:

amigo, nachos, taco, tortilla, paella, pronto, simpatico, adios, cerveza, hasta la vista

But would you like to speak Spanish? The way I teach Spanish is known as accelerated learning. With me, you get to talk in Spanish from day one.

My emphasis is always on communicating. You’ll find you’re speaking, not writing. I’ll never ask you to learn long lists of words off by heart.

My courses are designed for you to pick up the words and grammar you need as we discuss aspects of daily life (and Latin-American culture).

I can help:

NCEA and university students pass exams with flying colours travellers make themselves understood when they go to Mexico and Latin-America or Spain families chat with their son's fiancée from Argentina or their daughter's husband from Spain business people deal with overseas markets.

The Spanish language is huge around the globe, spoken in 22 countries. If you’re keen on communicating in Spanish, get in touch with me!


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